30 September 2014

September Round Up

It's the last day of the month you know what that means!
  • Pints of gelato consumed: 5
  • Pints of gin consumed: 15
  • Miles spent travelling abroad: 3000
  • Miles spent running with the dog: 50
  • Presentations given to academics: 1
  • Delicious coffees made at work:  213
  • Slices of cake snaffled after my shift: 5
  • New businesses started: 1
  • Fancy boots purchased: 2
  • New additions to the Autumn capsule wardrobe: 4

The Mrs Moonlighting:

I featured on Terry's Blinds, giving a small interview on design, creativity and my creative process. You can see part of the feature below, but the full transcript here.  

29 September 2014

Monday Montage: 29.09.14

  • Having a small but well needed lie-in on Saturday morning, before waking up with a large coffee and some a bit of a design project for my Filofax
  • Dragging the pooch out for a 6km run, though I could tell he wasn't really feeling it this morning. 
  • Having a quick blast in the shower before scrubbing the bathroom to death... may have overdone the bleach. 
  • Pulling on my newest Autumn Capsule wardrobe outfit, adding some soft curls to my hair and powering across to Staffordshire
  • Meeting a friend for afternoon tea (and coffee), gossiping, venting and catching up on the last 18 months.
  • Marvelling at the speed cyclists on the dual carriageway on the way home
  • Cooking sausages for tea, welcoming comfort food after a long day
  • An evening on the sofa; Strictly and the Doctor hailing Autumn
  • Work on Sunday - a day of coffee and cake, with a touch of spiced chai and shortbreads
  • Getting home from work at a reasonable tine so having a quick shower before whipping up a massive batch of fajitas
  • Being apprehensive for the week ahead, so attacking a pile of work before bed

26 September 2014


It was a sunny September day when we saw his face. A forlorn pair of amber eyes gazed out between the bars, ears down. If you listened carefully, under the cacophonous din of yelps and howls, you could hear the heart-breaking whine coming from 'Snide'.

We sat in the yard, watching this small gangly thing start to explore. Unsure of himself, he'd not stray too far and was quick to eagerly return for a biscuit. Occasionally his nose alerted him to something interesting, but the thought of being alone ensured one ear was constantly cocked in our direction.

Ears like velvet, a slightly crooked tail and legs twice as long as his body - there was no mistaking the cuteness. Hesitant sniffs turned to stolen licks of your hand, and an unfortunate knotted rope got tossed around couple of times when it was discovered to be in the way.

We weren't sure about this boy, but as we thought about leaving, he climbed up on our bench, crawled onto husband's lap and settled down for a nap.

'Are we taking him home then?' I asked him,

'I think we'd better', he replied, stroking the soft, sleepy face.

Happy Adoption Birthday Flynn. One whole year, and not one single minute we've doubted our decision. Or yours for that matter.


23 September 2014

30 before 30 - #13 'Visit the Southern Hemisphere'

I have a confession to make...

I've already been to the Southern Hemisphere!

Last week I was browsing google maps, you know as you do, ticking off the places I've visited. I was a bit grumpy as thought I wouldn't have much of a chance to do this task on my last, until I crossed Madagascar off and realised that when making my list I'd completely disregarded the 6+ weeks I spent over there before I went to uni!

So please forgive me, a little self-indulgence. Oh and feel free to laugh at pictures my 18 year-old self who hadn't washed and slept in a tent for the last month.


You can catch up with my 30 before 30 list here

22 September 2014

Monday Montage: 22.09.14

  • Waking up with a start on Saturday morning, surprised to have slept past 7am which is unusual for me
  • Grabbing the dog and heading out for a fast 6km along the river, bouncing along to my ipod and enjoying the warm weather
  • A quick shower later, settling down in my comfy clothes for a day of Ph.D editing. 
  • Finishing up a little early so being persuaded by the r to have a little trip to the shops and coming home an hour later with a lawn mower and pie dish. 
  • Wrapping some Kinfolk magazines ready for postage next week. 
  • Giving the garden an overhaul, mow and weed, and killing a spider which was of such gigantic proportions that it must have been from Harry Potter
  • Cooking a chicken and mushroom pie for tea, with rough puff pastry, roast sweet potatoes and lots of veggies. 
  • Slobbing out on the sofa for the evening, doing some work on the laptop and watching rubbish films on Netflix. 
  • A sleep filled with nightmares and cold sweats preluded to me waking up on Sunday morning with a stinking cold. 
  • Downing a cup of coffee and thanking the universe for a good outfit, hair and skin day which somehow made my blocked nose more bearable. 
  • Driving to work across the Derbyshire Dales, misty and mysterious at 7am
  • A morning of coffees and toasted tea cakes followed by a busy afternoon frantically serving tea and cake
  • Rushing home to the Mr, ready to rest my heavy head and sore sinuses, nibble on some fancy pizza and sip a hot toddy before bed. 
Oh and also, if any of you are debating visiting the Country Living Christmas Fair in Harrogate this November (I'm going! See you there?), tickets are 241 until today only! Visit www.countrylivingfair.com/harrogate and quote EBCL14 when booking *

*This post is not sponsored. I AM attending and can't wait!*
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