18 November 2014

Updates (Splitting and Submitting)


There have been only a few tears, angry and defeated. There have been no slammed doors, thrown cushions nor muttered curses. Splitting an almost 8 year old team is difficult, confusing and painful. As any supporter would know, once you're a fan, you're always a fan; season ticket, kit and all.



Just as one chapter ends, so did 8 of another kind. Last Wednesday my thesis, bound in glossy black with gold embellishment, was nervously submitted to University. One exam away from becoming a Dr and gaining those three elusive letters. 


Finally, there's an issue of fraud. Does 'The Mrs Makes' remain, given there's no longer a Mrs? Forgive me, dear readers, but I would love your input and guidance. Content will be back to normal following this post, now normal life has resumed... albeit at a different angle than before. 

17 November 2014

My Monday Montage - 17.11.14


  • Waking up rather groggily on Saturday morning, struggling to get my brain in gear
  • Realising I had no electricity, and being woken up properly by a neighbour hammering on the door to tell me there was no power (!)
  • Realising that the power was off for a while so heading to a coffee shop for breakfast and a spot of reading whilst charging my phone, followed by a morning in the gym lifting some weights and then using their hot water
  • Still no power or heating at home so after checking on the dog heading into town for some light Christmas shopping
  • Treating myself to a new hair cut with luxurious head massage
  • Feeling very pampered and well treated, thrilled with new hair cut and heading home to discover power and heating!
  • Ordering a takeaway and settling down with the TV and a puppy to snuggle
  • Sipping on a couple of glasses of wine before turning in for a restless sleep
  • Waking up rediculously early after some bad dreams, so cracking on with the house-work whilst the sun rose
  • Taking the hound out for a frosty walk before piling on a load of kit for a long morning session in the gym - pilates, some gymnastics and lots of squats. 
  • Making a massive stack of pancakes before loading the car and moving a lot of stuff out
  • Slumping into PJs, whipping up a quick risotto and thanking the weekend for being over.

12 November 2014

November Lust List

Nov Lust list

Oh heck. It's the 12th already and I'm only just doing a lust-list for November. *sigh*

It's been a bit bonkers so far this month so we're a tad behind on the schedule but nevertheless... here's what I'm keeping my eyes open for this month (read: adding to my Christmas list).
  1. I love coats, but I am missing a lovely warm one. I'd love a liner for my waxed Barbour and some form of polar down goodness. Like a walking duvet... 
  2. PJs. Is it too much to ask that I stop wearing leggings and mismatched tees with holes in to bed now? Enough with the gimmicky slogans and cartoon characters. I want classy lounge-wear...dahhhling.
  3. These shoes from Ted Baker! Would add a little fun to any LBD this season, no?
  4. I am in love with my Jo Malone perfume, and just discovered they do my favourite scent as a room candle. I need this in my bedroom immediately.
  5. New part time job needs new stationery. Obviously. 
  6. And no I don't want a plane. I want a holiday. Anywhere.

4 November 2014

October Round-Up

  • Throwdowns competed in: 1
  • Macarons made: 50
  • Baby showers attended: 1
  • Miles driven: 128268
  • Job interviews attended: 2
  • Job offers: 1
  • PhD Chapters final drafts completed: 8 (+ abstract)
  • Dental appointments: 1
  • Coke floats: 2
  • Motivational pictures I've added to instagram: 4
  • Coffees consumed: 2863
  • Birthdays attended: 2
  • Christmas presents bought: 5
  • Shopping sprees: 1
  • Seminars taught: 8
  • Hours spent on trains:  8
  • Trips to the vets after dog swallowed non-edible objects: 1

3 November 2014

Monday Montage: 03.11.14

  • Waking up early on Saturday morning, and star-fishing in my bed for an extra hour, unable to command my limbs to move
  • Dragging myself up in search of coffee, and needing two cups to kickstart things
  • Heading out with the hound for a quick lap of the estate in the sunshine before grabbing my bike and cycling to the gym
  • A hilarious game of dodge ball followed by Elizabeth, Annie and Jackie. Sweaty but some small achievements conquered.
  • Catching a lift out to Leicestershire to collect my truck, only to discover the guys had shut up shop and gone home without telling me. Furiously and rather embarrassingly having to ask for a lift back again.
  • Cycling home again, ready to kill something I was so hungry
  • Raiding the fridge, thankful for the extra time I put in doing food prep at the end of the week, and loving that a tupperware box of goodies was waiting for me. 
  • Luxuriating in the shower before deciding to cut back in my fringe for A/W. 
  • A big blow-dry and slipping into my favourite jeans and boots, launching a few bags (and the dog) into the car and heading down the motorway
  • Arriving in Milton Keynes just before dusk so quickly taking the dog for a walk before meeting a friend for the best pulled pork and coke floats in town.
  • Falling into bed, thankful for excellent friends and the person who decided to put vanilla ice cream into a pint of coke, and top it with whipped cream and sprinkles.
  • Another 6am start on a Sunday, this time being rudely awoken by the rain pounding on the conservatory roof
  • Pottering with a cuppa, trying to postpone my run until the weather cleared up a little.
  • Dragging the dog for a few miles in the rain, much to his dismay.
  • Spending the day getting some work done and dodging the rain showers
  • Wrapping up warm for an evening with friend watching a big fireworks display, having a couple of drinks and a plate of chicken wings. Laughing til my sides ached and my eye streamed and feeling so, so grateful..
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