25 January 2015

Monday Montage 26.01.15

  • Waking up early on Saturday morning, and after tossing and turning a while resorting to snuggling down with a coffee and a good book until the sun rose
  • Driving to collect the keys for my new house, and loving discovering all the new parts of the house in the daylight
  • Excitedly heading down the motorway to collect a car-full of belongings from my old house and trucking all the way back up in the same afternoon
  • After unpacking my wardrobe (priorities!), slipping into a new dress and grabbing a quick coffee before meeting some friends for a night out
  • Devouring Wagamamas before relaxing in a fancy new cinema with a glass of wine and Ex Machina. 
  • Decamping to a bar to discuss the film (verdict: very good)
  • A late night after a couple of craft beers and a whisky nightcap
  • Not enough sleep resulting in a very lazy Sunday mornning. Savouring a cuppa in bed whilst flicking through my new Simple Things magazne. 
  • Venturing out into the bright blue Sheffield scene for a brunch at a lovely Italian coffee shop
  •  Gearing up for another trip up and down the motorway, feeling tired
  • A nourishing fresh soup dinner, and an early night.

23 January 2015

A Working Capsule Wardrobe

Well it's been a busy week over here readers, so apologies for sporadic posting. What with sorting a house move and a new job start for THE SAME WEEK (yes. Excellent timing there.) I've been running around like a crazy lady.

That running around also included a quick trip to the shops to supplement my pretty casual wardrobe with some smarter pieces to create a little working capsule wardrobe. I'm lucky I don't have to wear business dress, so can dress many items up or down.

In total I have about 14pieces which can be mix and matched, and with various accessories to change things up a bit. I tried to keep away from black (but failed a bit there), and instead am sitting with dark greys and navy bases with natural autumnal tones. I'm hoping to brighten things up a little as I a) warm into the role and suss the dress code, and b) as the weather brightens up a little.

Navy wool Trousers M&S | Dark grey treggings H&M | Black jersey pencil skirt H&M
Spot Blouse H&M | White waffle box top Topshop | Navy woven box top New Look
black tunic New Look | Black slouch blazer G21 | Nude blouse M&S
Grey midi cardi New Look | Navy shirt dress New Look | Maroon Midi dress Topshop

You can see my previous capsule wardrobes here: summer | autumn | winter

20 January 2015

30 before 30 - #7 'Start my Career'

You may remember that last year I started my 30 before 30 list. In an attempt to have some goals, targets and enthusiasm towards the forthcoming years I created a list of things I hoped to achieve before I turn 30 on the 19th December 2018. 


Along with my motto/small word for 2015, it would seem that 2015 might be a good year to start ticking some things off! 

To start, just halfway through January I was thrilled to accept a full time, permanent position at a small company in Sheffield! It's my first 9-5, stable position with opportunities to progress and I'm so excited! 

If you follow me on social media you'll be able to find my links to the company and the good things I have to say about it, and whilst I won't name them here right now I guarantee it won't be the last time you hear about them!

So whilst I stress about finding office appropriate clothing (stay tuned for a work capsule wardrobe), join me in a big 'WOOHOOOOO!' as I cross number 7 off the 30 before 30 list.

19 January 2015

Monday Montage: 19/01/15

  • Waking up super early on Saturday morning so cracking on with some admin bits and bobs, housework and emails whilst sipping multiple cups of coffee
  • Inhaling some bircher muesli for breakfast and a banana before grabbing some kit and heading to the gym
  • Playing with some hefty atlas stones before a killer workout with a teammate
  • Feeling very sad that I'll have to leave this gym and excellent group of people when I move house
  • Watching some qualifiers happening after my workout and then heading home for lunch and a long shower
  • Collapsing on the sofa with a plate of eggs and pint of tea, and watching a re-run on The Voice whilst chatting to my grandparents on the phone
  • Having a very slow afternoon pottering, sorting laundry and all those other boring weekend jobs
  • Packing a few bags and throwing them in the boot of my car before driving up to Sheffield singing along to The Arctic Monkeys and full blast. Still not failing to get that excited stomach flip as soon as I see the skyline.
  • Collecting a friend from the train station before heading to his house for slow cooker chicken stew and an evening of red wine and watching 'Lucy' with his housemates.
  • A late night, followed by massive lie-in. Making the most of a lazy Sunday opportunity and taking a coffee back to bed for dozing and reading.
  • Tucking into some boston beans on toast for brunch before grabbing some kit and walking to the local climbing wall
  • Spending a couple of hours tackling some problems and being quite pleased with my progress, despite being a newbie and feeling pretty tired.
  • Watching the pros in awe. Definitely feeling inspired to keep at it.
  • A quick change, followed by pulled pork pizzas, cider and a hilarious ping pong tournament to wile away the Sunday afternoon.
  • Wandering to view a potential new house, and after a good inspection deciding to take it!
  • Feeling thrilled to have found a new job and house within a week, so treating myself to a stack of magazines at the newsagent, and sitting perusing them in bed with one eye on Netflix.

15 January 2015

A time-travelling letter

A couple of days ago I volunteered to write a time-travelling letter to my younger self for Marie's blog. After volunteering to write a ‘letter to my teenage self’ I started thinking “but I’m only 26, what could I possibly know in 8 years?” 
But the truth is a lot has happened in 8 years. I’ve graduated, three times. I’ve bought a house, and sold it. I’ve got married, and [almost] divorced. I’ve learnt how I deal with stress, and don’t. I’ve also learnt how I can open up, listen and respect myself and my feelings. 18 year old Laura had just started university, was insecure, lonely and scared of a lot of things. I know she needed a friend, someone like who I hope I am now to give her a pep talk along with some tough love, strong female support and inspiration. You can read my post here, and the letter below.


I know you’re busy, what with juggling university and two sports teams and what I vaguely remember as a hectic social life, but please could you take a couple of minutes to sit down for once and listen?
Do what makes you happy, not what you think you should do. Do things that let you relax, switch off, laugh. There is nothing wrong with allowing your mind to wander and your world to open. 

You are a very strong young lady, worry less about what people think. If they don’t agree or try to quieten you then they are not your type of people. Your type is out there, just keep looking and you will meet some brilliant people along the way. 

Do not settle.  For second place, for second best.  If you always try your hardest there is no way you can ever be anything but your best. 

What you look like does not affect who loves you. The people who love you the most do so when you are sick, without make-up and in your sweatpants. Learn to appreciate that by allowing yourself to be yourself: open, wonderful and kind; you are more beautiful then than when you worry.

Travel more. On your own, with friends and family. Embrace everything you can now, because at some point you won’t be this free to use your time as you wish and you’ll regret saying no to fantastic opportunities. 

You are quite excellent really. Don’t let yourself down, you are a fighter with an amazing spirit - channel that when you need to find strength. 

Oh, and stop picking your face.  Those spots are because you go to bed with a face full of make-up so have a wash (even at 3am), buy some cleanser and keep your hands off. They will scab and scar, and I now hate you for those and the subsequent habit. 

Break the rules. Say no. Laugh. Love. Laugh some more. Say yes. Tell your family you love them. Stop and listen. 

A lot can happen in 8 years sweetheart, don’t rush, breathe and you’ll be just fine. The future you is happier than you thought she ever would be, knows people who fill you with joy, you feel loved and whole and excited about every day you have ahead of you. 

Lots of love, 

26 year old you.

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