1 September 2014

Monday Montage: 1.09.14


  • Having a lovely lie-in, but heading out into the cool drizzle for a Saturday mornning run with the hound
  • Realising my lie-in meant I was running late, so dashing in and out of the shower, scraping my hair into a top-knot and shrugging on one of my favourite Barbour jackets
  • Kissing the Mr and pooch goodbye, and heaving myself, a tin of fresh cheese scones and lots of paperwork into the car, and driving to Cheshire. 
  • Tea, lots of tea, the best blueberry and lemon cake and being offered unending words of wisdom and enthusiastic advice, peppered with excellent wit and giggles.
  • A drive home, grateful to have friends who are generous with help and advice, and feeling very supported and encouraged
  • Arriving home weary but excited, and treating ourselves to a chicken curry infront of Dr Who. 
  • A Sunday spent serving coffee and cake, practising latte-art in my flat white and chatting to lovely locals attending the Chatsworth show
  • Feeling a bit peaky by the time I got home, so heading to bed for a couple of hours before an evening on the sofa with Countryfile.

29 August 2014

Shop Spotlight: New Soap Kits

I have new soap kits in the shop! Woohooo! 

All come with shea butter soap base, 2 moulds, 2 essential oils, some dried petals and instructions. Choices are: grapefruit&sandalwood; tea tree&orange; lemongrass&grapefruit; lemon&tea tree; vanilla&lavender.

£15.99 including P&P - and you can purchase them right here.
Products from The Mrs Makes shop are gift wrapped as standard and sometimes come with a little surprise in the post, first class. 

28 August 2014

The Autumn Capsule Wardobe.

Armed with itemised list and an already defeated attitude I venture towards the cavernous centre with one plan only - seek and gather.

The smell is one of mingling aromas; a recognizable combination of burnt coffee, sweet cinnamon pretzels and disinfecting floor cleaner. Fluorescent lighting and garish advertisements add to the audible assault to the senses once I heave the massive doors - not the 'automatic' they claim to be - aside. 

Too short, too flimsy, too long, too shiny... it takes endless searches to find even one item I feel fits the brief, and then despair at the lack of sizes on display. Spinning on my heel, I march out in search of the next potential candidates.

Finally, I hit the jackpot. A veritable feast of quality, choice and design. Laden with a variety of sizes I wearily traipse over to the cubicles designed to make women break out in a nervous sweat. Strip lighting, modesty curtains at least 2 inches too narrow, and a tiny hook designed to make your garments fall in a heap of hangers and tags, midway through undressing. 

Naturally, the 3 items of the same size I have fit completely differently but like Goldilocks, the too tight and strangely cut are succeeded by the just right. Heaving a sigh of relief I slip back into the favourites I wore on the way in and hurry towards the till. Thrusting a sliver of plastic towards the member of staff - rather taken aback by my flushed, perspiring pallor - I don't care how much it costs. 

It's over. Mission complete.

~ ~ ~

Out with the summer wardrobe! The weather has turned and so has my wardrobe. Here's what I'll be wearing this Autumn, right through to the New Year:  

32 items!! I'm wanting around 37 so there'll be a couple of pieces on September's lust-list that's for sure (namely smart brown boots and some nice blouses)!

26 August 2014

Bank Holiday Montage : 26.08.14

My bank holiday weekend...
  • Despairing over lack of job interview success (read: tears) before stumbling across an excellent opening and whipping an application in sharpish.
  • Luxuriating in the shower with new bottles of gorgeous smelling body wash, shampoo and conditioner
  • Allowing the Mr to treat me to new shoes, and devouring the 'French Dip' burger at TGIFriday's with sweet potato fries - giggling as the delicious dipping gravy ran down my wrists
  • Joyfully switching my summer wardrobe with my autumn collection. Feeling as though I'd gone on a shopping spree as I re-discovered old favourites.
  • The first crumble of the season.
  • The Doctor.
  • A day of making fancy coffees, delicious teas and serving mountains of sponge at Hattie's. Enjoying pottering and chatting, making and smiling.
  • Beef bourguignonne, sweet potato, peas and lashings of gravy.
  • Rom-coms and puppy cuddles under a blanket
  • A very wet Bank Holiday 6am club, feeling relaxed and breathing in the quiet.  
  • Comfy clothes, freelance design work and pints of tea supplemented with the top 100 guitar riffs on BBC Radio2.
  • Baking paleo cookies and drinking more tea, shimming to Ziggy Stardust and wishing the Mr hadn't gone to work.
  • Hunter wellies and the gloriously musty smell of my waxed Barbour coat; welcoming in Autumn with a wet dog walk.
  • Sausage stew; spicy, saucy and satisfying.

22 August 2014

The C word

No not that C word... Christmas! 

Having received a commission for some festive design work this week I have realised that really, it never is too early to start thinking about the holidays, especially from a business perspective.

Though I can't share that work with you just yet, here's my Christmas card design from last year. 

Having done a year's freelance since that card... I have to admit it's not my finest work but look at his face! I'm much more proficient now, and 12 months along the line have the joy of taking on commissions for logo design and modifications, and custom cards.

Get in touch if you have a logo, branding or custom card designs you'd to festive-ify a little for the winter season - I've already got a few booked in! After all, you'd want to get them printed by end of November...that's only 14 Fridays away! If you've started shopping already, I'll be adding small bits and pieces to the shop over the next few weeks!
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