22 September 2014

Monday Montage: 22.09.14

  • Waking up with a start on Saturday morning, surprised to have slept past 7am which is unusual for me
  • Grabbing the dog and heading out for a fast 6km along the river, bouncing along to my ipod and enjoying the warm weather
  • A quick shower later, settling down in my comfy clothes for a day of Ph.D editing. 
  • Finishing up a little early so being persuaded by the r to have a little trip to the shops and coming home an hour later with a lawn mower and pie dish. 
  • Wrapping some Kinfolk magazines ready for postage next week. 
  • Giving the garden an overhaul, mow and weed, and killing a spider which was of such gigantic proportions that it must have been from Harry Potter
  • Cooking a chicken and mushroom pie for tea, with rough puff pastry, roast sweet potatoes and lots of veggies. 
  • Slobbing out on the sofa for the evening, doing some work on the laptop and watching rubbish films on Netflix. 
  • A sleep filled with nightmares and cold sweats preluded to me waking up on Sunday morning with a stinking cold. 
  • Downing a cup of coffee and thanking the universe for a good outfit, hair and skin day which somehow made my blocked nose more bearable. 
  • Driving to work across the Derbyshire Dales, misty and mysterious at 7am
  • A morning of coffees and toasted tea cakes followed by a busy afternoon frantically serving tea and cake
  • Rushing home to the Mr, ready to rest my heavy head and sore sinuses, nibble on some fancy pizza and sip a hot toddy before bed. 
Oh and also, if any of you are debating visiting the Country Living Christmas Fair in Harrogate this November (I'm going! See you there?), tickets are 241 until today only! Visit www.countrylivingfair.com/harrogate and quote EBCL14 when booking *

*This post is not sponsored. I AM attending and can't wait!*

19 September 2014

Sweet September

Earlier this summer, I sowed some sweet pea seeds. I adore their heady scent, their inherent need to keep giving; blooming time after time in spite of constant harvest of their delicate flowers. This was at the same time that my job hunt got serious - applying incessantly, tweaking and re-ordering the CV daily.

Alas, green fingers I do not have. My sweet peas failed to germinate despite my best intentions to mist, cover and keep warm in indirect sunlight. I attended interview after interview, driving for hours only to receive an uncomfortable phone call the next day.

Dejected from both efforts, I put the placed the pot of latent seeds in the corner of my strawberry bed, giving up any hope and letting them get swallowed by the berries' intrusive runners and umbrella of leaves. Likewise, I took on some freelance jobs, started pottering in a quaint tea rooms in the Peaks and focused on enjoying the small things that make me happy.

And yet, here in the middle of September, I cut back the finished strawberries and discovered one solitary sweet pea plant spouting purple florets like its life depended on it. Incredibly, having slowed my career search intent to enjoy the rest of the year, my previous efforts are also slowly being acknowledged, with employment queries and business plans becoming realised.

I've cut the first sweet pea which now sits proudly amongst friends on my mantle-piece to remind me that sometimes, letting things unfold naturally may well be the best course of action. Effort needs time to mature and develop, and grow into something fruitful.

17 September 2014

Shop Spotlight - Kinfolk Magazine

I don't read many magazines. Gossip or fashion aren't my thing, but I've recently discovered this journal and cannot stop looking at it. The photgraphs are gorgeous, the writing captivating. Kinfolk is easily my favourite literature at the moment, full of thought-provoking and inspiring stories, and it takes pride of place on my night stand. It's pretty difficult to get hold of here in the UK (especially my neck of the woods) so I've taken it upon The Mrs Makes to bring it to you.

You can order it here in my shop.

Introducing the Imperfect Issue.  Kinfolk Issue Thirteen: For our autumn edition of Kinfolk, we’d like to celebrate the holes in our socks, our scorched attempts at marmalade making and all the crappy haircuts we’ve had over the years. We’re all guilty of occasionally attempting to make our lives seem a little cleaner or a bit more organized, but the reality is often quite different. There’s nothing wrong with daydreaming of an idyllic life, but what if we dropped the facade for a moment and celebrated our shortcomings? These flawed details are the beautifully blemished collateral of a life lived to the fullest. So make mistakes. Make a mess. Be imperfect.

There is limited availability in The Mrs Makes shop, and issue 13 is now available to pre-order for delivery by the end of September. Gift wrapped with tissue, ribbons and maybe a little something extra... of course. 

16 September 2014

30 before 30 - #24

You may remember, a few months ago, I started my 30 before 30 list - above.

Last week I was thrilled to conquer #24 'Eat Gelato'. Whilst in Prague I discovered two gelato caf├ęs - the buzzing and bright Boom and gorgeously delicate Angelato, directly next door to each other. For a wide array of flavours including Oreo, I'd head to Boom but don't expect a seat or to be without a queue, but for delicate hazelnut or tiramisu flavours served with the best espresso I've ever had, duck around the corner to Angelato and take a seat on the street outside for some indulgent people-watching.

So - gelato or ice-cream? I know which I prefer.

15 September 2014

Prague Montage

No Monday Montage from me today, as I've just landed from my little trip to Prague and thought I'd share some pictures and such here instead... enjoy!

  • Working, presenting, listening
  • Power-brewed coffee and 'networking',
  • Savouring my first, and second, gelato
  • Storming up the hill to the castle, legs heavy by the summit
  • Wandering, getting lost in the narrow cobbled streets
  • Glorious gothic architecture set against heavy September skies
  • Sweet pastry tarts and salty sausages
  • Tankards of frothy beer, cheaper than water
  • Hoards on tourists on Saturday morning; selfies in front of the churches, scrabbling after umbrella-waving tour guides and strolling across Charles bridge
  • Musicians and puppeteers in the drizzle
  • Railings heaving with love-sworn padlocks
  • An astronomical clock, showing the month and moon
  • Countless sculptures and statues, documenting the city history from the 1400s
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