10 March 2015

Apres-Ski Party

If you follow me on Social Media, you might have seen a few pictures over the weekend of a little party I threw in my new house, for my boyfriends (!) birthday.

Just a few close friends popped round for 'Dinner and Drinks, aprez-ski', which mainly consisted of cake, cheese and booze.

I made a two-tier vanilla sponge ski town cake, filled with chocolate fudge ganache, iced with simple buttercream and topped with pearl sugar snow, macaron shell boulders, and gingerbread trees and chalets.

Having lived in Chamonix for a while, the boy likes his macarons. The pressure was on for me to recreate his favourite traditional artisan patisserie, but my vanilla and chocolate fudge treats went down a storm! 

In the lounge I created a little bar area, complete with ski-run category flasks (beer, wine, whisky) depending on your ability to hold your liquor, San Pellegrino limonata and water, copius amounts of gin and the obligatory ski resort favourites - Desperados and Jagermeister 

And finally, the fancy dress included any form of ski wear - from serious snowboarder, biathlon athlete to the more casual snow-bunny. The birthday boy? Retro leggings and bad knitwear, of course!

9 March 2015

Monday Montage 09.03.15


  • Getting up at 6am on Saturday morning to wave the boy off on a 21 mile race, before I started his birthday preparations
  • Spending a good few hours muttering under my breath and perfecting my macaron recipe
  • Icing his birthday cake, and feeling quite impressed with myself
  • Getting a phone call saying that there had been an accident and that my sofas would not be getting delivered that afternoon - disappointing but very worrying! 
  • Languishing in the bath for an hour, rinsing the icing sugar out of my hair
  • Pampering with some new intensive conditioner, face mask and fake tan, but still not getting around to the pedicure that seems to escape me every weekend
  • Tiding the house, hoovering, mopping and polishing prior to the evenings planned shenanigans
  • Peeling a mountain of potatoes and preparing dinner for 9 friends
  • Welcoming the boy home after his mega-race, and chilling with him and Netflix for a while
  • Pulling on my fancy dress get-up, and cracking open the gin
  • Steadily welcoming friends to the house, pulling the cheesy potatoes from the oven and toasting the birthday boy. 
  • Laughing til my sides hurt and eyes watered.
  • Falling into bed at around 2am, and sleeping the only sleep that a gin-induced drunkenness can bring
  • Waking up with a sore head, yet sitting down to do some work bleary eyed and with a strong coffee
  • Pottering around the house for the morning clearing the party debris
  • Tugging on my boots and hat at lunch time and going to the Climbing Works to watch the semis and finals of their International Festival competition, cheering on some friends in the final. 
  • Picking up some indian food on the way home, to soak up the remaining alcohol and settle my still churning stomach

2 March 2015

February Round-Up


New houses : 1
Weeks at new jobs: 4
House sales: 1
Car sales: 1
Bottles of wine: 78
Ph.D exams: 1
Ph.D's passed: 1
Times I wrote 'Dr' on things: 2386
Spa dates: 1
Stacks of pancakes inhaled: 3
Miles ran:  100
Rooms painted: 2
Birthday parties planned: 1
Snuggles with the pooch: 5
Cups of fancy tea: 6

24 February 2015

Make it Yours: Louise & Chris

Okay Okay. This post is totally where I blow my own trumpet. And one for Louise and Chris, obviously. 

I had the great pleasure of helping this pair DIY and set-up their wedding at Kelham Island Museum in Sheffield last August and their wedding has just gone live on Boho Weddings blog (who you'll know I absolutely adore). Shot by India Hobson, Louise and Chris' wedding gathered up all my favourite Sheffield things, and presented them in a quirky, personal, brilliant out-pouring of laughter and love. 

Louise and Chris

Louise and Chris

I loved spending the run up to the wedding discussing streamers and flags, flowers and cake with Louise, and spent the day before the wedding dressing the venue, arranging flowers, setting tables and helping with the run-through.

I wish this gleeful couple all the happiness in the world, and can we also note Chris' most excellent beard and suit combo and Lou's Jimmy Choos?! That is one good looking couple!

Louise and Chris

They also had some rather amazing things to say about me on Boho too!
'I have to say that I don’t think we could have managed it all without the help of Laura from The Mrs Makes. Laura helped us to style and dress the venue on the day before the wedding. She was also at the end of an email during the planning stages. She definitely motivated us all in getting the venue ready and keeping us on track''

You can read Louise and Chris' full wedding report over on Boho Weddings, see the testimonial they wrote for me here, and see info on how I can help for your wedding right here! Perfect! 

All images by India Hobson Weddings

23 February 2015

Monday Montage 22.02.15

  • Being jolted awake at 6.30am on Saturday by the alarm clock, and dragging myself out of bed with a slightly sore head.
  • Dropping the boy at the station and heading to the shops to start my day of errands.
  • Being put immediately in a bad mood by a rude member of staff in Lidl, and subsequently joining the #LidlSuprises hashtag on Twitter saying so. 
  • Unpacking the car, then scooting down the motorway to clean and empty the old house a little more.
  • Managing to get back home for midday, so grabbing a quick bite to eat before commencing the housework
  • Swearing at little under my breath as I struggled to single-handedly build the spare bed before the imminent arrival of my parents
  • Welcoming them and my excited puppy to the house, and chilling out with a cup of coffee and some biscuits
  • Taking the dog for a walk around the local area and taking advantage of the independent restaurants on my doorstep by making a booking for the evening
  • Devouring some amazing Dim Sum with my family, polishing off a bottle of wine with mum and finishing the evening with some coffee and good chat around the kitchen table
  • Turning in, and falling asleep as soon as my head it the pillow
  • Enjoying a small lie-in, but wishing it was longer! 
  • Taking the dog out for a12km run along the brook and my old stomping ground, and remembering how popular Sheffield is with runners
  • After a shower, nibbling on some leftover Christmas Quality street with a cup of coffee, radio 6 and some blog planning whilst the dog had a much needed nap
  • Getting some brunch with my parents before they drove home, and enjoying some strong Earl Grey
  • Knowing I'll miss them and the dog as I said goodbye, before driving them out of Sheffield as I popped back down the motorway to my old house again to sort out some more stuff. 
  • Getting home in time to whip together some fresh veggie 'slaw and roast sweet potatoes to go with some epic pulled pork I'd left in my slow cooker all day
  • Enjoying Sunday dinner with the boy, Netflix and an early night
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