30 July 2014

July Round -Up


  • Job Interviews: 1
  • PB lifts: 5
  • Sick days: 4
  • Completed Ph.D chapters: 6
  • Tea and cake dates: 2
  • Weekends without the pooch: 2
  • Hours spent cursing lack of air-con in my car: 186397, or thereabouts
  • Painful massages: 3
  • Cakes baked for events: 7
  • Hair cuts: 1
  • Items left in my new capsule wardrobe: 30
  • Parties in the making: 1
  • Family members in remission: 1
  • Holidays planned: 1
  • Curtain rails and curtains hung:7
  • Hours spent practising for upcoming competition: 237 (I wish)

28 July 2014

Monday Montage 28.07.14


  • Waking up like clockwork, at 5.55am. Crawling, coughing and spluttering, out of bed in search of coffee.
  • Settling on the sofa for a while with a cheesy film and flu medication, willing my body to feel more human.
  • Texting my training partner and agreeing to meet her at the gym for 9.30am.
  • Sweating, lifting, rowing and running my way through an hour workout, and cursing my lungs for being full of gunk.
  • Stopping at the shops for baking supplies on the way home, then having an icy cold shower to try and cool down.
  • Not succeeding, so slurping a fruit pastel lolly whilst allowing my hair to dry in the sun. 
  • Working on an idea for a wedding cake, and relegating the reject to tomorrow's BBQ donation.
  • Baking some more 12" vanilla sponges, and wrapping them to soak in vanilla syrup for a few days.
  • Keeping one eye on the commonwealth games whilst hanging some pictures in the hallway.
  • Enjoying a big steak salad for dinner, and pouring myself a medicinal glass of cold wine afterwards. 
  • Collapsing on the sofa, frustrated at being full of cold
  • A restless sleep, and once again getting up at the crack of dawn
  • Taking the dog out for a walk to the park, before heading to the gym for a challenging pilates session
  • Staying afterwards to do some 1 rep max work with a friend, and adding 5kg to my overhead squat, and 10kg to my back squat PB. 
  • Calling it a day in time for a shower and eggs for lunch with the Mr back at home. 
  • Pottering and baking yet more cakes, letting my hair dry wavy for a change and then driving back to the gym slowly, with my victoria sponge perched on the Mr's knee rather precariously.
  • Enjoying seeing friends out of kit, and snaffling a couple of sausages off the BBQ. Cute puppy cuddles, laughing at my teammate when we realised we had matching shoes, and watching the crossfit Games finals in absolute awe.

24 July 2014

Bear with me...

I currently have the worst cold known to man-kind.

I am on my 36th job application, and have interviews to prep for.

I am editing and proofing my final Ph.D draft ready for submission in September.

I have cakes to bake, weddings to style and a house DIY list as long as my arm.

So excuse me for a while, as I sit here, tissues stuffed up my nose, with a bucket of Yorkshire's finest and Son's of Anarchy seasons 3-6 on Netflix.

Summer colds. The epitome of sod's law, non?

21 July 2014

Monday Montage: 21.07.14

  • Waking up at what only can be described as 'silly o'clock', laying and listening to the rain pound the windows but eventually going in search of coffee
  • Settling down with Netflix and some job applications
  • Half-heartedly doing some housework before showering and heading to the airport
  • Nervously nibbling at some coffee and a lemon muffin
  • Deciding today was not the day
  • Home to change out of rained-on clothes, and digging out our 'Europe by Rail' books
  • Getting excited about sleeper trains to Monaco, Nice or St. Tropez
  • Treating ourselves to a massive steak dinner, bottle of wine and fancy chocolate
  • Snuggling on the sofa, and browsing some cruise brochures.
  • Having a deep sleep, but waking up before 6am
  • Getting some design work done, my favourite thing at the moment is designing printable invitations.
  • Heading to the gym for pilates and some work on the rings, and being thankful for some friendly faces
  • Quickly dashing home to change before driving to my grandparent's house
  • Swearing at my temperamental car
  • Arriving to be greeted by my puppy, and feeling immediately calmer
  • Enjoying catching up, collecting the pooch, and a slap up dinner with three desserts
  • Taking the hound for a jolly across some freshly plowed fields, and counting the red kites circling the crops
  • Piling back into the car, for a marginally less stressful drive home
  • Standing in a cold shower to rinse away the grump and sweat, and slipping into some clean pyjamas before an evening of paperwork and admin.

17 July 2014

Growing some roots

It's almost one year since we moved into our first home

Every July since 2007 I have moved house, but as the end of the month draws closer it is reassuring to know that this year there will be no boxes, no cleaning the back of my house-mates fridge nor the bathroom sink.

A landlord isn't going to be taunting me with a months deposit, and I won't be homeless for 24 hours.

Instead, I've hung pictures in the hallway, planted  fuchsias and strawberries in my garden and painted walls.

There's a dog who barks when someone comes to the door, instead of students who leave it wide open or unlocked. Our neighbours lend us their lawnmower and share tea& cake instead of waking us up with bass-y music at 4am.

I'm looking forwards to our first Christmas tree this year, saving up for new floors and fireplace, and finally getting some curtains in the master bedroom.

There's nothing more that feels like home than flowers by the front door and black&white photos that make my stomach do somersaults.
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